The Way I See It #172

1 11 2006

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, $1 spent on excellent preschool education saves $7 in special education, social service, and future incarceration costs more than a dozen years later. Are we, as citizens, willing to elect government leaders who spend our taxes on something that offers a return so far in the future? I hope so.

–Rob Waldron

President and CEO of Jumpstart, a national nonprofit early education organization.


I’m just in from vacation and it was wonderful (more on that with pictures coming soon). Last night was a busy Halloween with Trunk or Treats happening at the church, etc…

Like Stephanie mentioned not too long ago, I am tired of ‘pre-election hype’. I’m sick to death of slur campaigns and mudslinging, I’ve grown weary of not hearing about one single issue (except “they will raise your taxes”) and instead hearing about who someone got money from, or why they support ‘drunk driving’. Do we really think someone’s political position is “sure drunk driving is great” you should try it any chance you get? Americans are dumb but we aren’t that dumb. And I really hope people in this country are smart enough to not just base their vote on whether or not someone will raise their taxes. We need to take into account things like having the lowest tax rate in the country, or what are these taxes going to (education? yes please, i’ll pay more for that). And for the record, a campaign ad (yes one I’ve heard on the radio today) that says “I refuse to stoop to the level of my opponent by saying negative things” is saying the same basic thing when you include that opponents name in the ad multiple times. It is like saying “I’m not going to talk bad about people but Joe Smith he loves to do that, so don’t think that I am as bad a person as Joe Smith, because I am not. I am better than Joe Smith because I don’t talk bad about people the way Joe Smith does”. I wish the election would just be over so people would go back to ‘working’ and not trying to look better than someone else. And for the love of Mike, for the last time, just because you are against the war doesn’t mean you are against the troops or for the ‘enemy’.

I think I got more soapbox just now than I wanted to be. Have a great Wednesday and I’ll try to post about my trip tomorrow for those who are interested.




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1 11 2006

What does the federal reserve know about preschool anyway? Do you really want the state telling you that your three-year-old has to go to school? It’s bad enough that you have to pass a test to get into kindergarten now, and that public kindergarten is full-day. How is it appropriate to expect five year olds to sit at a desk for eight hours every day?

The federal government has put MILLIONS of dollars into Head Start since the 70s. Even so, Sesame Street and a stable home environment does more to create positive academic outcomes (seriously – I’m not exaggerating). Doesn’t that answer the question about mandatory preschool?

3 11 2006
John M.


3 11 2006

I hate it all too. Its all crap. Voting isnt usually life or death to alot of people so they take voting lightly. Also Just because you support the war in Iraq doesnt mean you are a liar or that you like seeing people get killed and stuff….Its all crap. I want someone who comes in and is like I want this this and this and this is important to me….also we keep spending more and more on education every year and its getting worse. I do agree that teachers need raises and also that people need to be held more responsible for their actions

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