Dancing in Rented Pants

25 09 2006

This weekend was a VERY busy one, and the central focus of all that busy’ness was the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Lucas (her name is Jackie and she is way more beautiful than Luke could ever hope to be). As a member of the wedding party I was required to rent a tuxedo, and any man that has rented a tuxedo can tell you just about how much fun that is. First of all every item of clothing has a barcode on it, and I don’t mean like a price tag, I mean the “mark of the beast” kind of barcode that reminds you that for the next 8 hours that you wear these clothes you are not in charge of your own fashion/comfort destiny. I have to say that undershirt, shirt, tie, vest (full vest, not the fake “clip on” vests), and a jacket in the late September pre-rain humidity in the sunlight doesn’t create what I like to call an “Ideal Nick Climate”. But then again I wasn’t doing this for me, I was doing it for my friend Luke. There were plenty of good stories from the weekend anything from the Bachelor Party (what happens in ‘the Gump’, isn’t exciting, but stays in ‘the Gump’ none-the-less), toasts that include the phrase “I hate to see him go like this, I mean it’s like he’s dying” (referencing the Groom to be of course), and being told by the Groom’s mother that I am “going to hell” (please see above statement about Bachelor Party). These stories and many more made for a great weekend, and I wish the Lucas’ nothing but happiness all the days of their lives. Cheers.




4 responses

25 09 2006

Nice ….

27 09 2006

You are going to hell. Did you forget already? I like the pictures. I haven’t seen Luke in forever! But there is a Llama farm in Wilmore, and everytime I pass by it, I think of him. Weird.

1 10 2006

HEY! HEY! — I meant that “going to Hell” thing in the nicest possible way!


I have a reputation to uphold here, ya know.

1 10 2006

Oh, and Nick? I did MEAN to add that your own wife is just adorable.

So you pass that along, and make her smile today, okay?

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