Let Us Gather To Worship

9 09 2006



As the “fall” is upon us in the south, we come into the season that brings people into a true state of worship. College football season is here! As I watched the Auburn Tigers in their season opener last week and then again today as they extended their record to 2-0 I reflected on just how much importance people (in the south in particular) put on football. At Starbucks this morning Laura and I placed our drink orders and the lady behind the counter asked us for our names to put on the cups, but then paused and said”or maybe it would be better if I put War Eagle on his and Roll Tide on hers” (because we both happened to be wearing the hats of the teams we cheer for. In case you were curious how that turned out my cup ended up saying “Vin” and Laura’s said “Dora”… seriously?!?!?!

Youth Building

Over the summer we have renovated some of the youth space at the church and in the process we repainted the room ‘Island Orange’ (as per the paint sample from Lowe’s), on the day of the open house to invite the church at large to come over and check out all the work we had been doing I spent the ENTIRE morning defending the color choice in light of College Football. It didn’t matter that we have a logo for our youth ministry (Oasis Youth Ministry) on the wall that went with the color scheme. It was an entire morning of

comments like “Why didn’t you paint half the room crimson?” “You would do something like this you Auburn fan” “You should have painted the top half blue and it would have looked better”, and “Go Vols!”. It really bothered me that on a day when we were showing off a space that was improved to further the youth ministry of a church that all most people could focus on was whether or not the room was painted the color of their favorite team.

I have a friend here in town who is a wedding coordinator and they are currently in their “slow season” where they don’t have near the amount of weddings as they typically would, and why is that…why, college football of course! People won’t have their wedding on a day when there is a football game because they are afraid people will watch or go to the game instead, and the sad part is they are probably right.


I LOVE college football, and I LOVE cheering for the Auburn Tigers, but I also realize that you have to put this all in perspective. Yes on Saturdays I like to wear my team colors, and watch the game with friends and yell at the television, but it certainly doesn’t dictate the general comings and goings of life like it does for so many. So as you gather together with thousands of your fellow “worshippers” at stadiums across the country I hope you will keep it all in the right place in the grand scheme of priorities in your life.

Now may the grace and peace of the quarterback sneak be with you now and as you cross the first down line. Amen!




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