Rock and Roll All Night (But Not Past 11 p.m.)

6 09 2006

So here now I bring you my personal review of the last night’s triple billing of Eliot Morris, Goo Goo Dolls, and The Counting Crows.*Note: The opinions expressed on this page are solely that of the author, they in no way reflect the opinions of Mrs. The Author, First United Methodist Church, The Methodist Church at large, the state of Alabama, or the General Motors Company.

Eliot Morris

Upon Jonathan’s recommendation I tried to pay some extra attention to Eliot’s performance. A Birmingham native, Morris’s set was very tight, and sounded very good, he had a solid voice and his songs were catchy. On the downside, they mostly sounded the same, and his voice was VERY similar to Adam Duritz’s (which is probably why he is touring with them). They were good, but overall I can’t really pick out one song that stood out.
Goo Goo Dolls

The best way I can describe my feelings towards the Goo’s portion of the show is this: it’s like being offered a ride in an H2 Limo from Montgomery to Disney World. After the first 10 minutes you’ve had all your fun in the limo and you’ve still got 10 hours before you get to Disney world. The Goo Goo Doll’s played every song you would have hoped they would and they sounded good (with the exception of bass player Robby Takac-vocally he’s like Phyllis Diller with a mouth full of M&M’s). While hearing many of the songs that have been out for so long, “Name” & “Iris” to name two, my friend Matt Gorum summed it up best “It’s like being 14 again only with beer” (keep in mind Matt is 6 years my junior).

The Counting Crows

This is why we came folks. It was great. Very chill and laid back (which in my increasing years I appreciate more and more). One of the great things in my opinion about the Crows is that vocally and musically they sound great, but they don’t sound just like the CD’s…I mean if that’s what I wanted to hear I would have stayed home and listened to the disc for free. They change up the styles of their songs not only to keep it interesting for themselves but to put on a show that you can’t get on your own. The highlights for me were “Hangin’ Around”, (which welcomed Eliot Morris and his band back onstage to join in), “Anna Begins”, “Colorblind” which is an incredible song in it’s own right, and “Holiday in Spain” probably in my top three of all time Crows songs. The show was good, and the thing I’ve noticed about Adam Duritz is that even though time has not been kind (he’s starting to have a bit of a Jerry Garcia thing happening to him) he’s still the performer and vocalist he’s always been (actually vocally he’s matured a lot over the years). I enjoyed my time, and only wished they could have played longer for there were quite a few songs they didn’t get to that would have been great to hear live (maybe that’s a tease though for their live album “Amsterdam” that is coming out soon) “Mrs. Potters Lullaby”, “Einstein on the Beach”, “American Girls”, “Angels of the Silences”, and “Rain King” to name a few.

A Few Random Concert Notes:

-It’s been long enough since I’ve been to a major concert (Jubilee CityFest definitely doesn’t count) that I was thoroughly impressed with the stage shows of both Goo Goo Dolls and The Counting Crows. I LOVED the video screens spread across the stage rotating images and such as the music dictates.

-To the gentlemen that looked like he belonged at a Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert, and never stopped dancing (a strange mix of swing dancing and hip hop sway) even when there was no music on….Rock on Brother!

-Yes the girlfriends of shirtless skinheads will get in fistfights a few rows up behind you, and yes the police do like to get involved.

-Pot smoking at concerts will never die, I think it could be the Brookly Tabernacle Choir performing somewhere and your nose will get the wafting tickle that smells of wet skunk and oregano.

-MY 9th and 10th grade daughters (God willing one day) WILL NOT, and I REPEAT WILL NOT, be dropped off at concerts dressed like Laguna Beach/The O.C. cruising around with cigarettes and the one boy that’s 21 years old buying drinks and bringing them up to the seats for everyone.

-Yes, the 9th and 10th grade O.C. girls did get drunk, throw up, and then fall down the stairs in the stiletto heels they wore to the concert.

-Last time I was at a concert at Oak Mountain people were not allowed to bring in cameras so we didn’t and therefore don’t have any pictures to share, but sure enough everyone else in the whole place had them, so we lost out on that. Sorry!




2 responses

8 09 2006
The Bean

I don’t care what anyone says, I will always love the Goo’s. So jealous you went without me!

8 09 2006
John M.

Nice, I didn’t know you guys were going to the show. I posted and I am gonna start doing it more regularly, PEACE!

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