Valerie Was Right/The Weekend

30 08 2006

She said in a recent post don’t look for “OB/GYN” on Google Images, but seriously who is going to listen to that advice? The easiest way to get someone to do something is to tell them not to, believe me I work with teenagers I know.  I should have. This picture is probably a bit over the line, but it’s also kind of funny (in that Star Wars nerd kind of way). Anyhow moving right along.

There’s lots going on here I guess (or maybe it’s nothing). Went to the last regular season home game for the Montgomery Biscuits (playoff bound I might add) and it was fun until it started to rain and then we got to enjoy walking in the rain all the way back to our car up by the Colonial Bank Building downtown.

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and I plan to do as little laboring as possible. Let me give you the weekend’s preview. Friday night is tentatively going to be dinner with L’s parents which is always a fun time filled with food and spirits (yes the yummy liquid kind), Saturday we are going to be sleeping in and then going to a “going away party” for L’s brother who is moving to California, and then leaving that party to go to the AUBURN GAME!!! Warrrrrrrrrr Eagle…HEY!! Yeah I’m way excited about that, it’s the season opener versus Washington State. Sunday I will be doing the church thing in the morning and then I hope to spend the rest of the day with the beautiful Mrs. M as we watch movies and be lazy. Monday will be more of the same general laziness, and maybe it might even be the day I get to get my TATTOO (do Tattoists work on Labor Day), and then on Tuesday just when you think you have to go back to work and being serious your realize that I have tickets to see the Counting Crows at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham!! Yes I have lots of busy-ness planned for the weekend and I am OH SO excited. I’ll try to provide pictures if possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I even hope that the weekend will give you all some much needed time to catch up on blogging…WE’RE SLIPPING PEOPLE!!




4 responses

30 08 2006

I will say this. That picture is not as over-the-line as some other ones I saw. GAH.

30 08 2006

I think my computer has some kind of child protection thing on it b/c I didn’t see any over the top pics 😉

1 09 2006

hey i have tickets to the concert too. somehow i won them, i don’t remember how.

5 09 2006
» Blog Archive » Eliot Morris - What’s Mine Is Yours

[…] I must admit I have been waiting for this album for a while now, after hearing the demos of some of the tunes that Eliot wrote a few years back. I have a personal connection with Eliot that goes back to high school, as he used to touch my butt on a daily basis. Seriously! You see, we played high school football together, he was the quarterback and I was a back-up center and guard. That was the extent of our “relationship,” I promise! After high school, Eliot went on to Auburn University and developed a passion for music and writing songs. Fast forward 10 years, including a stint in Nashville honing his craft, Morris has settled making a home in Birmingham doing music full time. His Universal released debut album is making waves on radio and television, with “This Colorful World” the fall theme for Crayola commercials. Standout tracks like “The Infancy of Us,” “Balancing the World” and “Anyway” are strong pop songs in the Counting Crows theory of pop music, which will be great for fans of CC and The GooGoo Dolls as Eliot will be on the road with the two this fall as an opener. Maybe Nick will give us a live music review after seeing the show in Birmingham. […]

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