A Blog of Random Whatevers

23 08 2006

So I know it’s been a while since I last posted (and therefore officially making me the conductor of the “hypocritical-no-one-ever-blogs complaint train…henceforth know as the HNOEB CT), but in my defense there has been a lot going on. Let me see if I can’t get into some of it.

-Emily and baby Brea were here last week to visit and I got to see them three days in a row. Until I have kids of my own I’m going to have to say that Brea is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I mean check out the picture at the top and tell me I’m wrong…YOU ARE A LIAR (if you said I’m wrong)!!

-I finished my summer class at AUM a couple of weeks ago and while I would very much have liked to have gotten an A in it I am glad that my final grade was a B, especially considering I have been out of the “school routine” for 5 years now.

-I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 3 weeks renovating one of our two youth buildings at the church, and it is just about done and I am pleased with the results (pictures may be forthcoming in the near future).

-Last week was “youth week” a.k.a. “Back to School Weekend” for my “yutes”. It was good and bad all at the same time. We had fun (how could we not Brian and Corey led the music and the speaking), and the kids seemed to really like all the new work in the youth building, but we didn’t have the numbers I expected, and part of me is frustrated because more and more with newer generations (did you know that the average “generation” now only covers a span of 5 years) church is not a priority it’s something that if they can fit it in and if it sounds like fun they might try to make it to (it seems around here to fit in BEHIND baseball, football, “going to my boyfriends house”, shopping for back to school supplies, and barrell racing). Frustrating for sure.

-Fall semester of classes started this week, and I’m taking two the first one (which I’ve already had this week) is “Applied Research & Program Evaluation” it’s going to be HARD. Lot’s of research methodology and even worse yet for me STATISTICS! If you know how incredibly bad at math I am you know how this class has caused me anxiety already. The other class I am taking is “Intro to Healthcare Administration”…I don’t plan to be a Healthcare Administrator, but it’s an elective that my advisor said I should take and maybe it’ll help get me free tongue depressors or something.

-Well it’s Wednesday and I need to be productive so I’m going to sign off for now. Leave me some “commentary love” and I’ll write something again soon. And send up an extra prayer for me today I am attempting to lead worship for my youth tonight (which I have done before), but it is not my strength and I tend to get anxious about it.