Your Report Card

16 08 2006

Alright the grades are in and let’s get a little bit of business out of the way first. The following people need to report to the Principal’s office for Failure to turn in their homework:

Brian G.

Mary D.

Liz H.

I’m pretty sure they are going to be writing sentences and dusting erasers after school.

Now on to the grades…Ok, so it’s not really fair for me to grade this so it’s on a Pass/Fail system. Me trying to assign grades to this isn’t fair because it’s too subjective…it’s your own opinion. Everyone that completed the assignment passed, but I will make a seperate category for those who turned theirs in late, and also one young man who chose to change the assignment to suit his own tastes.

Those who Passed straight up-

Jonathan Mc. – Eclectic. Anyone who can put John (don’t call me Cougar) Mellencamp, Metallica, and Coldplay on the same list deserves some props.

Lane D. – If I looked at this list randomly without someone telling me who made it I would have guessed Lane. It’s a very “Lane’esque” list, and that’s not a bad thing.

Jason G. – Classic. Standards for sure. Jason is going to be stuck on an island that feels very much like Casablanca, wearing a fedora hat and sipping scotch and smoking filter-less cigarettes.

Mechelle Mc. – Someone took a couple of sarcastic pills before they made this list. And by the way you forgot “My Hear Will Go On” by Celine Dion (“the greates singer in all the world”)

Nick M. – I can’t really grade my own, so at the risk of opening myself up to the firing squad I’m asking you all to do it for me in the comments section.

Matt G. – A good pseudo hippie mix of songs. This is the CD that you ride through New Mexico at 2 a.m. listening to in an old Pontiac convertible.

Those who Passed but turned in late projects-

Laura M. – A very ballad filled list and a good one in my opinion considering several of those songs have been featured at different times on episodes of The West Wing. Let’s make this CD and take it on a roadtrip SOON!

Luke L. – He put Bjork on his list. That’s either really sofisticated or really strange, I’m not one to pass judgement but she did once wear a goose for a dress.

Emily L. – With the exception of a few songs (namely “Baby Got Back”) this CD is like a roadtrip with my dad. Lot’s of time here spent in pop’s record collection.

Heather T. – Lots of ladies singing on this CD (and yes I’m counting the Goo Goo Dolls as ladies). Good balance of spiritual with a touch of rock and roll attitude thrown in for kicks.

Valerie M. -This CD has attitude, not only from it’s song selections, but from the author who made some wise crack about 1999 and CD technology. Oh well. A good mix nonetheless.

Allison H. -Folksy. This CD has got a certain acoustic and country flair to it that is missing in some of the others. Singers and songwriters that’s Scooter’s thing!
Steph G. – A very laid back CD, one that will be conducive to spending time on the beach or in the shade of a coconut tree experiencing the nature of God (while stuck on an island no less)

Those who felt they were above the rules of the assignment-

John M.– Apparently Mr. John feels like he doesn’t need my silly little rules and he will do whatever he pleases with this test. It’s like if you go to math class and the teacher hands out the test and you decide to flip it over and write everything you know abou history because you aren’t into math. Expecting a good grade? I DON’T THINK SO!!

Good job to you all. I really enjoyed reading your lists and I know we have all thought of other songs since publication that we wish we had added. Maybe we’ll do it again someday.




5 responses

16 08 2006

p.s.- i wasn’t late. i had mine posted by 2pm. and you leave Ms. Björk alone; if you could wear a goose for a dress, you would too.

16 08 2006

I think you pass ….If for nothing else just getting us all to do these lists….Maybe we each got some ideas to add to our lists as well….

16 08 2006

actually, i think i have driven through new mexico at 2 am listening to some of those songs…..although sadly it was not in a pontiac convertible.

16 08 2006

Yeah, I tend to have a hting for girl singers. And, well, I’ll give you Goo Goo Dolls cause Johnny wears make-up.

17 08 2006
The Bean

all i can say is mine was turned in monday MORNING

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