You’ve Got Homework

11 08 2006

Alright kids. Now that school is back in session throughout most of the country I decided I would pass out a homework assignment to ALL of YOU (instead of tagging)…there are no exemptions here. Your assignment is due Monday August 14th by 3:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time. Your assignment is as follows:

On your each of your own blogs (because it’s easier than trying to read everyone’s response in the comments section of mine) I want you to write on the following scenario. You can only have one CD with 10 songs, for the rest of your life. Your ultimate top 10 of all time. What are the 10 songs on your CD? Ties are not allowed, you can’t do an extra song just because you can’t decide. You must pick ONLY 10 songs. If you want to write a short blurb about why you’ve chosen each song you are permitted but not required. Grades will be handed out according to a scale of my own design (and I will also be completing the assignment). Now get to work, you have until Monday.

Professor N.A. Mielke