The Thing About Friends

8 08 2006


I was reminded of something today that has kind of been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now. Tonight Laura and I went to see the Biscuits game as they squared off against the Mississippi Braves. As I was sitting watching the game my eyes wandered down to take notice of the man who is the manager of the MS Braves and it is none other than  Jeff Blauser. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the Atlanta Braves in their prime (mid 90’s), Blauser was the all-star shortstop/second basemen who anchored a solid infield in the beginning of the Braves 14 year division playoff run. None of this matters really other than to say I have spent a significant portion of my life dedicated to the Braves (of Atlanta) as a fan and Blauser was a key figure in that. He also wore my favorite number, of the many that I have worn as a player in various sports, 4. Eventually though Jeff retired and moved on and I hadn’t heard anything about him until this year when I found out he was managing the MS Braves and would be visiting Montgomery from time to time.

For me , sometimes, friends are like Jeff Blauser. They are a formative part of your life for a period of time and then for whatever reason they wander off. As I get older (cliche alert) I value my friends more and more. I have amazing friends here in Montgomery that I love spending time with, but I also have other friends who I don’t get to see. The ones I don’t see were there in formative times in my life (a few highschool, the majority college) and we have for any various number of reasons parted ways and not really had much contact. I miss them a lot. There’s no really poetic way to say it other than I miss my friends that aren’t around. I’ve seen some of them recently (at my wedding although with all the excitement that was going on it was hard to get in quality time) and some even as they have come through to move, or are actually “moving in” in manner of speaking, but it’s still not the same. I’m going to see another friend next week that I talk to on the phone a fair amount but don’t see near enough of in person (again a distance problem). I try to call my friends and keep up but I’m bad about that (unintentionally), and we are all busy and have lives so really it’s not easy for anyone. I have new friends (ones I didn’t have in college/highschool) and I think they would be GREAT with my “old” friends, and I wish we could all just have dinner and drink coffee and talk about things. I want to do an “ultimate mash-up” of different parts of my life and see what happens.  I guess I just miss some of the “good old days” when we all lived in the same approximate space and did the same approximate things. I wish I could say I wouldn’t change anything about my life now, but that would be a lie…I would have the rest of my friends with me so we could all be friends. Maybe that is selfish of me because I want the best of all worlds to myself, but sometimes with friends maybe we are allowed to be selfish.

I feel like I’ve started to be redundant so I am going to bed now. Funny how someone so “trivial” as Jeff Blauser can bring about a pseudo-sappy emotional post like this one. To ALL my friends OLD AND NEW: I love you all and I hope we are always friends on some level and that you know what you are all very important to me.




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8 08 2006

Don’t we all have vague general plans to move to Asheville, NC together in a few years or so… all have kids together, start our own church, and grow old on porches with either local beer or fresh squeezed lemonade?
Did I imagine this?

Good post. I miss my friends too!

8 08 2006

Corey is looking forward to being there. I am mad that I can’t go too.

8 08 2006

Good Post. I talked to an old friend on Monday night actually ….Same situation you talk about. We just grew apart but dang it was good to speak to him.

8 08 2006

yes, good post. there are many people that I miss. and WHEN we ALL do the asheville thing I can bring a few of my college friends along? 🙂

8 08 2006

I miss you too…

9 08 2006
John M.

F Jeff Blauser, Dave Justice was the heart and sould of that team and me! I have 87 of his baseball cards and that makes him better.

9 08 2006

It is inconcIEvable (or inconcEIvable? I thought about it too long and now I don’t know) to me that we all WOULDN’T move to Asheville together and grow old on porches and drink beer or lemonade and complain about one another … of course that’s what’s going to happen … how could it not?

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