Your Time Has Expired….

1 08 2006

…and you must now pass your test forward. The exam is over. The problem is on my test the only thing I have is a big picture of a sailboat that I sketched.

I’ve had some strange dreams lately, and the one last night was definitely stress induced as I have my Intro to Public Administration final on Thursday. I’m feeling a wee bit underprepared at the moment (all my fault of course). I hope it will get better, but the thought of going to class tonight for 5 hours to cram in more NEW information to be on the final also makes it a little more nerve racking.

It seems like things are “mad crazy busy” right now, and I’m trying to get a lot done at one time’ a lot of it is work involved (as I try to renovate the youth building and get ready for youth week all at once), there’s also school stuff, the beginning of a new school year, and most of all trying to find time to spend with my beautiful wife!

I don’t really have a lot to say at the moment, actually I do I just don’t have the time or the presence of mind to put it all down. I’ve got to go home and get some studying done. Talk to me later! 🙂




5 responses

1 08 2006

Good luck!!!

2 08 2006

I understand where you are coming from ….I just finished our Youth Week and am already thinking about end of year stuff …..It never ends ….Thank God I enjoy my job ….

3 08 2006

Lovey Love, you are amazing and will perform well enough in the intro class. LOVE YOU

3 08 2006

Hey, I’m gonna be in Montgomery (well, actually, Slap Out) next week for a few days. I’d love to see you and meet your wife. Want to do dinner with the Gates and I, maybe Tuesday night?? (I need to check with them too about that night…hehe)

6 08 2006

So, when do we find out how the test went???

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