Valerie Was Right/The Weekend

30 08 2006

She said in a recent post don’t look for “OB/GYN” on Google Images, but seriously who is going to listen to that advice? The easiest way to get someone to do something is to tell them not to, believe me I work with teenagers I know.  I should have. This picture is probably a bit over the line, but it’s also kind of funny (in that Star Wars nerd kind of way). Anyhow moving right along.

There’s lots going on here I guess (or maybe it’s nothing). Went to the last regular season home game for the Montgomery Biscuits (playoff bound I might add) and it was fun until it started to rain and then we got to enjoy walking in the rain all the way back to our car up by the Colonial Bank Building downtown.

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and I plan to do as little laboring as possible. Let me give you the weekend’s preview. Friday night is tentatively going to be dinner with L’s parents which is always a fun time filled with food and spirits (yes the yummy liquid kind), Saturday we are going to be sleeping in and then going to a “going away party” for L’s brother who is moving to California, and then leaving that party to go to the AUBURN GAME!!! Warrrrrrrrrr Eagle…HEY!! Yeah I’m way excited about that, it’s the season opener versus Washington State. Sunday I will be doing the church thing in the morning and then I hope to spend the rest of the day with the beautiful Mrs. M as we watch movies and be lazy. Monday will be more of the same general laziness, and maybe it might even be the day I get to get my TATTOO (do Tattoists work on Labor Day), and then on Tuesday just when you think you have to go back to work and being serious your realize that I have tickets to see the Counting Crows at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham!! Yes I have lots of busy-ness planned for the weekend and I am OH SO excited. I’ll try to provide pictures if possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I even hope that the weekend will give you all some much needed time to catch up on blogging…WE’RE SLIPPING PEOPLE!!


A Blog of Random Whatevers

23 08 2006

So I know it’s been a while since I last posted (and therefore officially making me the conductor of the “hypocritical-no-one-ever-blogs complaint train…henceforth know as the HNOEB CT), but in my defense there has been a lot going on. Let me see if I can’t get into some of it.

-Emily and baby Brea were here last week to visit and I got to see them three days in a row. Until I have kids of my own I’m going to have to say that Brea is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I mean check out the picture at the top and tell me I’m wrong…YOU ARE A LIAR (if you said I’m wrong)!!

-I finished my summer class at AUM a couple of weeks ago and while I would very much have liked to have gotten an A in it I am glad that my final grade was a B, especially considering I have been out of the “school routine” for 5 years now.

-I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 3 weeks renovating one of our two youth buildings at the church, and it is just about done and I am pleased with the results (pictures may be forthcoming in the near future).

-Last week was “youth week” a.k.a. “Back to School Weekend” for my “yutes”. It was good and bad all at the same time. We had fun (how could we not Brian and Corey led the music and the speaking), and the kids seemed to really like all the new work in the youth building, but we didn’t have the numbers I expected, and part of me is frustrated because more and more with newer generations (did you know that the average “generation” now only covers a span of 5 years) church is not a priority it’s something that if they can fit it in and if it sounds like fun they might try to make it to (it seems around here to fit in BEHIND baseball, football, “going to my boyfriends house”, shopping for back to school supplies, and barrell racing). Frustrating for sure.

-Fall semester of classes started this week, and I’m taking two the first one (which I’ve already had this week) is “Applied Research & Program Evaluation” it’s going to be HARD. Lot’s of research methodology and even worse yet for me STATISTICS! If you know how incredibly bad at math I am you know how this class has caused me anxiety already. The other class I am taking is “Intro to Healthcare Administration”…I don’t plan to be a Healthcare Administrator, but it’s an elective that my advisor said I should take and maybe it’ll help get me free tongue depressors or something.

-Well it’s Wednesday and I need to be productive so I’m going to sign off for now. Leave me some “commentary love” and I’ll write something again soon. And send up an extra prayer for me today I am attempting to lead worship for my youth tonight (which I have done before), but it is not my strength and I tend to get anxious about it.

Your Report Card

16 08 2006

Alright the grades are in and let’s get a little bit of business out of the way first. The following people need to report to the Principal’s office for Failure to turn in their homework:

Brian G.

Mary D.

Liz H.

I’m pretty sure they are going to be writing sentences and dusting erasers after school.

Now on to the grades…Ok, so it’s not really fair for me to grade this so it’s on a Pass/Fail system. Me trying to assign grades to this isn’t fair because it’s too subjective…it’s your own opinion. Everyone that completed the assignment passed, but I will make a seperate category for those who turned theirs in late, and also one young man who chose to change the assignment to suit his own tastes.

Those who Passed straight up-

Jonathan Mc. – Eclectic. Anyone who can put John (don’t call me Cougar) Mellencamp, Metallica, and Coldplay on the same list deserves some props.

Lane D. – If I looked at this list randomly without someone telling me who made it I would have guessed Lane. It’s a very “Lane’esque” list, and that’s not a bad thing.

Jason G. – Classic. Standards for sure. Jason is going to be stuck on an island that feels very much like Casablanca, wearing a fedora hat and sipping scotch and smoking filter-less cigarettes.

Mechelle Mc. – Someone took a couple of sarcastic pills before they made this list. And by the way you forgot “My Hear Will Go On” by Celine Dion (“the greates singer in all the world”)

Nick M. – I can’t really grade my own, so at the risk of opening myself up to the firing squad I’m asking you all to do it for me in the comments section.

Matt G. – A good pseudo hippie mix of songs. This is the CD that you ride through New Mexico at 2 a.m. listening to in an old Pontiac convertible.

Those who Passed but turned in late projects-

Laura M. – A very ballad filled list and a good one in my opinion considering several of those songs have been featured at different times on episodes of The West Wing. Let’s make this CD and take it on a roadtrip SOON!

Luke L. – He put Bjork on his list. That’s either really sofisticated or really strange, I’m not one to pass judgement but she did once wear a goose for a dress.

Emily L. – With the exception of a few songs (namely “Baby Got Back”) this CD is like a roadtrip with my dad. Lot’s of time here spent in pop’s record collection.

Heather T. – Lots of ladies singing on this CD (and yes I’m counting the Goo Goo Dolls as ladies). Good balance of spiritual with a touch of rock and roll attitude thrown in for kicks.

Valerie M. -This CD has attitude, not only from it’s song selections, but from the author who made some wise crack about 1999 and CD technology. Oh well. A good mix nonetheless.

Allison H. -Folksy. This CD has got a certain acoustic and country flair to it that is missing in some of the others. Singers and songwriters that’s Scooter’s thing!
Steph G. – A very laid back CD, one that will be conducive to spending time on the beach or in the shade of a coconut tree experiencing the nature of God (while stuck on an island no less)

Those who felt they were above the rules of the assignment-

John M.– Apparently Mr. John feels like he doesn’t need my silly little rules and he will do whatever he pleases with this test. It’s like if you go to math class and the teacher hands out the test and you decide to flip it over and write everything you know abou history because you aren’t into math. Expecting a good grade? I DON’T THINK SO!!

Good job to you all. I really enjoyed reading your lists and I know we have all thought of other songs since publication that we wish we had added. Maybe we’ll do it again someday.

My Homework

14 08 2006

I wanted to do mine with all the album covers like Jonathan and Lane did, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of pictures on WordPress yet (also I don’t have the extra time and I do need to turn it in on time and not be a hypocrite).

Here’s mine (in no particular order of course):

1. SuperstitionStevie Wonder

It’s got it all…horns, keys, funk, truly spectacular.

2. Tonight, TonightSmashing Pumpkins

Excellent song, the strings make it a true piece of art.
3. Old Blue ChairKenny Chesney

Shocked there is a country song on here? Me too! I want an “old blue chair” of my own that I can get drunk and fall asleep in.

4. Two StepDave Matthews Band

Hands down the best DMB song there is, any version!

5. #15days of lot

I got chills the first time I heard it, and it is still one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It speaks to the part of me that at times feels left behind while the rest of the world continues on.

6. Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles

The imagery in this song has always been what stood out to me. Very vivid.

7. Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin

A man playing the electric guitar with a bow? Genius and madness rolled into an excellent rock and roll song…the build up to the solo is (screaming aside) very sexual in nature, just like rock and roll should be.

8. Jesus of SuburbiaGreen Day

I love this song. The different “movements” are amazing and when I need a pick up I listen to this song and can get riled up for just about anything

9. OperatorJim Croce

Classic. Reminds me of my childhood listening to this record on my Dad’s player, and then later on CD’s on family roadtrips. The amazing ability Jim had was tragically cut short and for that we are all a little shortchanged.
10. My HeroFoo Fighters

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is my favorite rock and roll song of all time. Epic is the one word description I would use.

You’ve Got Homework

11 08 2006

Alright kids. Now that school is back in session throughout most of the country I decided I would pass out a homework assignment to ALL of YOU (instead of tagging)…there are no exemptions here. Your assignment is due Monday August 14th by 3:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time. Your assignment is as follows:

On your each of your own blogs (because it’s easier than trying to read everyone’s response in the comments section of mine) I want you to write on the following scenario. You can only have one CD with 10 songs, for the rest of your life. Your ultimate top 10 of all time. What are the 10 songs on your CD? Ties are not allowed, you can’t do an extra song just because you can’t decide. You must pick ONLY 10 songs. If you want to write a short blurb about why you’ve chosen each song you are permitted but not required. Grades will be handed out according to a scale of my own design (and I will also be completing the assignment). Now get to work, you have until Monday.

Professor N.A. Mielke

The Hits Keep on Coming

9 08 2006

Alright guys. We’ve got a new blogger for the circle…play nice and he might even spark some good debate/discussion:

my friend John’s blog can be found at (for some reason my links are being weird today and it wouldn’t let me link this one)
also make sure you’ve got Jason’s blog in your daily rotation as well, he’s the quote man!

The Thing About Friends

8 08 2006


I was reminded of something today that has kind of been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now. Tonight Laura and I went to see the Biscuits game as they squared off against the Mississippi Braves. As I was sitting watching the game my eyes wandered down to take notice of the man who is the manager of the MS Braves and it is none other than  Jeff Blauser. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the Atlanta Braves in their prime (mid 90’s), Blauser was the all-star shortstop/second basemen who anchored a solid infield in the beginning of the Braves 14 year division playoff run. None of this matters really other than to say I have spent a significant portion of my life dedicated to the Braves (of Atlanta) as a fan and Blauser was a key figure in that. He also wore my favorite number, of the many that I have worn as a player in various sports, 4. Eventually though Jeff retired and moved on and I hadn’t heard anything about him until this year when I found out he was managing the MS Braves and would be visiting Montgomery from time to time.

For me , sometimes, friends are like Jeff Blauser. They are a formative part of your life for a period of time and then for whatever reason they wander off. As I get older (cliche alert) I value my friends more and more. I have amazing friends here in Montgomery that I love spending time with, but I also have other friends who I don’t get to see. The ones I don’t see were there in formative times in my life (a few highschool, the majority college) and we have for any various number of reasons parted ways and not really had much contact. I miss them a lot. There’s no really poetic way to say it other than I miss my friends that aren’t around. I’ve seen some of them recently (at my wedding although with all the excitement that was going on it was hard to get in quality time) and some even as they have come through to move, or are actually “moving in” in manner of speaking, but it’s still not the same. I’m going to see another friend next week that I talk to on the phone a fair amount but don’t see near enough of in person (again a distance problem). I try to call my friends and keep up but I’m bad about that (unintentionally), and we are all busy and have lives so really it’s not easy for anyone. I have new friends (ones I didn’t have in college/highschool) and I think they would be GREAT with my “old” friends, and I wish we could all just have dinner and drink coffee and talk about things. I want to do an “ultimate mash-up” of different parts of my life and see what happens.  I guess I just miss some of the “good old days” when we all lived in the same approximate space and did the same approximate things. I wish I could say I wouldn’t change anything about my life now, but that would be a lie…I would have the rest of my friends with me so we could all be friends. Maybe that is selfish of me because I want the best of all worlds to myself, but sometimes with friends maybe we are allowed to be selfish.

I feel like I’ve started to be redundant so I am going to bed now. Funny how someone so “trivial” as Jeff Blauser can bring about a pseudo-sappy emotional post like this one. To ALL my friends OLD AND NEW: I love you all and I hope we are always friends on some level and that you know what you are all very important to me.