Some Updates

25 07 2006

Just a few things to whet your blog reading appetite while I seek out some deeper inspiration for future blogs (i.e. when I have some free time to sit down and think about stuff–probably about 40 years from now).

-Summer semester is almost over. I’ve got final exams next week, and all I know is that I really enjoy being in school (ok, so I know some other stuff, but it would bore you if I talked about it here). I like the learning part (obviously a sign I’m getting old). I also really like what I am studying, this government thing might just be for me.

-It’s strange to me to observe (and I think I’ve written about this before) the patterns people take in their lives and how the importance of church attendance play into those patterns. Here in “Millville” attendance is always way down during the summer (understandable due to family vacations, etc…), but after VBS is over this place is a ghost town until the first week of school. I know people want to have a break, but are we really taxing people out so much at church that they need a time out? Sure those that volunteer get tired, but they are the ones that still show up in the summer. I’m ready for school to start and to bring some semblance of order back into the lives of the teenagers especially.

-It is wrong (wrong I say) that I can take my car to the shop to get fixed and spend more on labor than I do on the actual parts to fix the car. Especially when it was done an hour after I took it in.

-You wanna hear something even more wrong than that? Churches in the state of Alabama are NOT TAX EXEMPT! Let me repeat that in case you missed something. Churches in the state of Alabama are NOT TAX EXEMPT Due to the mistreatment of the “not for profit tax exemption program” churches are not allowed to buy things tax exempt. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

-I miss fall. I’m ready for the kind of weather where you can wear a long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts and be comfortable. That’s the kind of weather that you (and by you I guess I mean me) want to sit outside and drink coffee while smoking a cigar and playing Scrabble or doing the crossword puzzle. Hopefully those days will be here soon!




5 responses

26 07 2006
The Bean

You smoke cigars? Interesting, I knew Little Brother Bean did at one time but not you. Smoking is still bad but I love the way a good cigar or pipe smells

26 07 2006

Allow me to clarify something, your youngest brother didn’t smoke cigars so much as he smoked “Black and Milds” those are not cigars. When I say cigar I mean the kind you have to go to an actual cigar shop for. Quality, not something that came from the counter at the gas station. đŸ˜‰ And yes, I LOVE me some cigars.

26 07 2006
The Bean

Thanks for the clarification. So any plans yet for when I’m there????

26 07 2006

When did the non-exempt rule go into place? That is ridiculous! Best of luck on exams. While I am ready to get back into the routine of school, I am never ready for exams! =) And I totally know the kind of weather you are talking about it. It doesnt last long in Alabama, but it is my favorite time of year in Kentucky! =)

26 07 2006

Emily-No plans just yet. What are the exact dates that you will be in the Montgomery/Selma area?

Liz-According to our Financial Secretary it’s been like that for at least 12 years or more.

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