Traveling Mercies

15 07 2006

Hey everyone. I have enjoyed reading all the blogs about marriage over the last week and I don’t know if I have a lot of original thought (beyond what has been said by all you brilliant people out there), but I do have a question. When do people stop asking: So, how’s married life? I mean it’s one thing if I haven’t seen or talked to you in a year or so, but I get that question EVERY Sunday (I don’t know if maybe they expect that something has changed since the week before or what) from people at church. It’s nice that they want to appear that they care, but most of the time my thought process is “oh, you don’t know what else to say to me so that is your go-to-phrase”. Just kind of silly I know.Please be keeping my family in your prayers over the next week. My grandfather passed away last night aftera long battle with cancer and we are all traveling to Illinois to be with the rest of our family for the memorial service. I’ll have some more to blog about when I get back. After all what good is a new blog if you don’t use it?

(for Lane and Valerie)

This blog is brought to you by: “I’m not in on the joke that I assume is in reference to the Prairie Home Companion movie that I am going to see at the Capri next week”…Coming soon to a theatre near you! 🙂




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16 07 2006

I am sorry about your grandfather. Be safe traveling.

16 07 2006

My prayers are with yall as always. Ali is in great hands…….
On a lighter note… that is a good way to promote the movie….on A Prairie Home Companion every week Garrison Keillor always tells who brings the segments to the folks listening ….”this segment brought to you by POWEDERMILK BISCUITS,in the big blue box….” I have been listening to that show since I was a kid sitting on the porch with my Dad…How is that for Mayberry Memories!!!!!!!

16 07 2006

Safe travels, Nick. As for when people stop asking, they do eventually. No one has asked me in years. So, there’s hope. Maybe wheny ou have your first child. 😉 Then, no one wants to talk about your marriage. They want to talk about how the baby is. *snicker*

16 07 2006

I haven’t been asked in so long that I can’t even remember. Maybe after a year…

16 07 2006

Well, nobody asks me that, being that I’m not married, so on the bright side, you HAVE to be further along in the question-asking lifespan than me!

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. Have a safe trip, and best wishes to your family.

16 07 2006

yea it goes away. i think it stops when you make your first move. no one ever asked me that after we left montgomery… or maybe after your first anniversary they will stop.

also very sorry to hear about your loss. i know this is a hard time for your family. are the beans coming?

16 07 2006

Our love and our prayers are with you and all of your family. We are so sorry for your loss.

17 07 2006
The Bean

The Beans will be there (baby and me) in Aug. That was the best I could arrange with summer airline prices. Let me know if I can do anything from here til then Nicholas. All our love!

17 07 2006

Well I agree that the questions people get annoyed by never stop. I mean I can remember these questions…..What are you doing home (while in college) or Hows the Job…. Infact now that you are married you will be asking the question….when are you getting married…..which I think you asked me the other week. so hows married life love David

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